RME Fireface UFX

The Fireface UFX is the new flagship of RME’s audio interfaces. 60 channels of audio! Digitally controlled high-end preamps, reference class converters and full 192 kHz operation.

Microphone and instrument preamps of the UFX use the core technology from RME’s Micstasy – a high-end preamp for supreme sonic demands and critical applications, like the professional recording of classical concerts.

Focusrite OctoPre MkII

With eight channels of Focusrite microphone pre-amplification, eight VCA-based Red 3-derived compressors and built-in 24-bit / 96 kHz digital inputs and outputs, OctoPre MkII Dynamic is Focusrite’s feature-rich expansion upgrade for any digital audio workstation.

Saffire Mic Pre Focusrite has, over the past two decades, built a reputation as the market leader for high quality recording equipment, with its mic pre technology as the cornerstone of that enviable reputation.

Miktek CV4

Get That “Vintage Sound!”

The heart of the Miktek CV4’s sound comes from its AMI BT4 transformer and original NOS Telefunken EF800 tube — offering up a classic sound you’d expect from some of the earliest vintage tube microphones. All in all, the CV4 manages to gives you that artist-pleasing, producer-pleasing “big sound.” The bottom end is warm, tight, and big, complete with present and even mids. And the highs? Sweet and airy, reminiscent of those vintage studio staples.

AKG C214

Legendary AKG Sound

The AKG C 214 is the younger brother of AKG’s legendary C 414 condenser – the mic you’ve heard on thousands of hit records, on stage with countless artists, and on air from leading broadcast facilities all over the world.

The C 214 actually uses the same one-inch dual-capsule as the C 414 in a single-diaphgram, cardioid-only design. The result? Highly-detailed, up-front sound on both voices and instruments with an overall performance close to that of the famous C 414 B-XLS.

Event 20/20 BAS

A Modern Update to a Well-known Standard

When the original Event 20/20 speakers came out, they took the world by storm. They were quickly adopted as go-to studio monitors. Now, 15 years later, Event is once again releasing the Event 20/20BAS monitors, this time with updates making them even better. Taking cues from their flagship Opal speakers, Event increased the dynamics and output with 250-watt Class AB power amps that have less than .01% Total Harmonic Distortion (THD). That is double the power and half the THD over the original Event 20/20BAS!

Eleven Rack

Why settle for a single amp at your next recording session when you can have access to dozens? Eleven Rack holds its own as a standalone amp tone and effects processor, functioning like an amp head that can be connected to a speaker cabinet or direct to the soundboard.

Additional Equipment:

Rode NT5 Studio Pair  | AKG C214 Studio Mic  |  Art M3 Studio Mic  |  Beta 58a performance Mic
Avid 11Rack Guitar FX
Logic Pro  |  ProTools
Control Room treated with Primacoustic Acoustic Treatment
Rapco 20′ Custom Snake
Behringer Powerplay Pro 8 Headphone Monitoring System  |  6 Sure SRH240 Closed Back Headphones

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