Jeannie Sung

Jeannie and her band took in the fresh mountain air and spent a morning with us recording a cover of The Cranberries “Zombie”.  Their rendition of the song is fresh and powerful.

Our band had a fabulous time recording with Bill Hill Music. The studio is equipped with the state of the art recording technology that captured our sound perfectly.

Paul’s professionalism and patience allowed us to comfortably record our parts without feeling rushed or stressed.  We are extremely impressed and pleased with the end result… Paul’s knowledge, expertise and care is evident in our recording.  Thanks so much for all your hard work Bill Hill Music!


Jeannie Sung

Adam Thibert

A very talented folk artist, Adam has a natural talent and an undisputed vocal flare that brings real life to the genre. We at BigHill Music expect big things from Adam.

Paul’s studio is very mellow and cozy. He was easy to work with and was able to capture a great performance. Great guy!

Adam Thibert

Tammy Lee Christiansen

Tammy is an amazing country artist with a flare for writing songs that touch the heart and soul.

Waiting for my mind to make my heart up

by Tammy Lee Christiansen

Mandy Faye – Music with Mandy

Mandy Faye is a classical jazz singer with tonnes of experience and HEART!  Along with Mandy was a three piece ensemble including a stand up Bass, keys and a jazz kit, and three young budding vocalists!  This fun melodic kids tune entitled Tisket Tasket is not only a treat to listen to, but brings a smile to everyone’s face when the children pike up halfway through the song.

A Tisket, A Tasket

by Mandey Faye - Music with Mandy

Thank you for doing all this hard work! I love it! Thank you!

Mandy Faye


A talented singer, who’s flavour is a combination of spicy salsa and latin Caliente, Napsely’s voice is buttery smooth. Hailing originally from Venezuela, she breathes latino heat into the songs she performs.

I had no idea that recording could be so much FUN!!!  It was a last minute decision that I will never regret.  Working with Paul made the process so much easier than I thought it would be.  His easy going nature really helped me relax and perform to my full potential.  I will definately record with BigHill Music again!

Napsely Pulgar